Once your Lead Stages and Activity types are configured, any new lead for your business should be added to your Leadboard for immediate tracking & follow-through.

Adding Leads to Adminja

Leads can be added to Adminja in any one of three ways:

  1. By clicking the "+" button at the top of any Lead stage.
  2. By clicking the "New Lead" shortcut in the Adminja shortcut menu:
  3. Using Adminja's Embeddable Lead Forms


When you create a Lead manually, you'll be presented with a lead sheet waiting for their key information.

While most fields are optional, we highly recommend updating the Potential Impact, Description, and Chance of Closing fields so Adminja can better help you move your lead forward.



Logging Activity

Once a lead is saved, a lead card will appear on your Leadboard that you can move from stage to stage, or open and manage, whenever you are ready.

When any activity occurs with your lead, you should log it on the lead immediately so you can track it's progress.

Activities get logged with a timestamp, the type of activity, your identity,  your comments, and any files that you've attached.


You can log activity in 2 different ways:

  1. By clicking the "Log Activity" button when viewing an individual Lead
  2. By clicking the "New Activity" button in the Adminja shortcuts menu

Once your activity is logged, it will appear under the "Lead Activity" tab on the Lead's sheet.

Leads and ToDos

For each lead you can track a series of tasks that need completed. (Due dates & reminders coming soon!) You'll find these on the Lead's "Todos" tab: