If your client is looking for more transparency and collaboration with your tasks, Client Access is the best way to give them what they need. 

Client Access gives your client the ability to monitor their plan, submit new requests, and monitor time and task progress.

Don't worry, you can control what areas of their workspace they can see, and even restrict them from seeing certain Task lists and Detail lists. You are in control of what information your client can access.

But before inviting your clients in to Adminja, it's important to understand how Adminja handles client access differently than most other project management tools:


Adminja is a multi-client, multi-team, multi-VA system.

This means that a user can be a solo Virtual Assistant, a team member on another Virtual Assistant’s team, AND a Client who has multiple VA's working for them, all at the same time under one login.

In this context, Virtual Assistants, Team Managers, and Clients all share the same Adminja interface, with only slight differences depending on their role in regards to each Workspace and the access they've been granted.

When you setup Client Access for a workspace, you are inviting client users to participate in a limited capacity on that workspace. Whether the individual was already an Adminja user or not, they will only have “Client Level” access to the Workspace you invite them to.

You can control what areas of their Workspace client user's have access to.

You can control which Detail and Task lists they can see and interact with.