While each Workspace has a simple Time Board to make reviewing and reporting on time quick and easy, the Time Reports module (found in the left main menu) is a much more powerful, cross workspace reporting module that gives you much more power and fine-tuned control over your reports.

With the Time Reports module you can pick and choose which columns you'd like to include, sort on any column, filter on any column, and export the results to a csv file for further use.

There are a number of things going on here. Let's break them down.

The Filter Bar
The filter bar is where you can switch accounts (if you are a Team Administrator), set your report's date range, and restrict the report to a specific Workspace or team member. 

To the far right you can refresh the time logs, download a quick CSV of ALL of the time logs, or print a report.

Report Headers & Filters

In the header for each report column you'll find a menu to change the sorting direction or hide the column.

In the field below the column label, you'll find a filter field where any text you enter will restrict which time logs get displayed.


Report Menu
In the upper right hand corner of the report grid you'll find the Report Menu. It looks like a traditional "hamburger" menu icon.

The report menu contains a number of options for grouping and exporting the Report:

Grouping Workspaces
Grouping is a powerful view that allows you to group and produce subtotals on many of the columns.

You can group by individual columns, as well as some nested multi-column combinations.

Hide Filters
Hides the filter fields in your column headers.

Show/Hide Columns
Selecting a Column from the Report Menu will toggle its visibility. 
Note: "Task" and "Created On" columns are turned off by default. They can be enabled here.

Export all data as csv
This option will export all of the data CONTAINED in the report.

Export visible data as csv
This option will take into consideration the current Grouping settings and will export only grouped summaries and the individual time logs for any groups that have been opened.