For each Workspace, Adminja let's you define multiple time categories to act as additional "tags" for the time you are logging. 

In reports, you can group and filter time logs by category.

Time Categories are unique to each Workspace, and, if your client is charged by the hour, you can specify a different hourly rate for each category.

You can manage your Workspace's categories by editing the workspace and choosing the "Categories" tab.

Note 1: To keep Adminja as flexible as possible, there are no hard and fast rules on how you use Time Categories. They are simply an additional taxonomy layer for time that supports additional rates for hourly clients. They can represent different types of work, specific areas of work, team subgroups, or really anything that supports how you run your business.

Note 2: Hourly rates are ignored for Internal Workspaces as they do not use Adminja's billing module.