What will my clients see?

Your clients will see a trimmed down Adminja interface with their current plan status on their dashboard along with a button to submit new requests to you.

Unless they were already a Virtual Assistant user, they will not have access to the timer, personal reminders, global reports and the global views (other than the dashboard.)

If they visit their workspace, they will ONLY see the Workspace sections you’ve enabled in the Client Access tab above.

Note: We STRONGLY recommend having a short call with your client when inviting them so you can walk them through signing up and give them a personal tour of how their workspace works and what how you intend for them to interact with the Task and Detail lists you've exposed to them. Dropping them into their Workspace without some guidance could lead to confusion and frustration.


How do my clients interact with Tasks?

  • If a client creates a task request, they will automatically be notified on that task’s activity (e.g.  When it’s completed, if it goes over budget, when a comment is left.)
  • If a client didn’t create a task, they can click the “Follow” button to be notified of future task activity.
  • If a client comments on a task they are not already following, they will automatically be added as a follower and receive notifications for task activity going forward.