Adminja can automatically send you a status report for the previous day and previous week. Keeping you more aware of your progress and helping you plan ahead.



Setting up Your Status Reports

To setup your status reports, select Manage and then Account in the main nav to the left. In the account profile that appears, select the Report Schedules tab.

There are two different reports you can enable. They are both identical in structure:

  1. Daily Status Reports - Run every day at a time that you specify and provide you with the progress you made the previous day.
  2. Weekly Status Reports - Run once a week on the day and time that you specify and provide you with a summary of the progress you made that week.


Configuring Reports

Check the box next to the reports you wish to enable and configure the day and time you'd like to receive them. 

Optionally, you may include uncompleted tasks in your reports so you have a full list of everything on your plate every morning. 

Committing Your Report Schedules

Once you are done configuring your status reports, click Update Settings to save your changes and add your reports to the schedule.

Report Notifications

You will receive a notification each time your report runs successfully.