You can manage any client's packages by visiting their workspace and choosing the "Billing" tab where you'll find all of the packages that are currently active for that client.



Modifying Packages

If you need to make adjustments to a package, click the gears icon in the lower right and choose "Edit."

This will open the package editor where you can override the current instance (e.g. adjust the start date, budget, or add/modify time categories) as well as modify the package settings for future renewals.


Many package types renew on a predefined schedule that you set, OR when their balance of hours is depleted.

Each renewal creates a new instance of the package to track time and charges against until it renews again. If your package type comes with a charge, that charge will automatically be applied when the package renews.

When a package renews, the previous instance of that package will be closed with a lock indicator and you will receive a notification of the renewal. If you haven't finished logging time and charges to the recently closed instance of the package, you may still do so.

When you are certain that all of the time and charges are logged on a package, AND that you've invoiced everything in it, you can archive the package so it no longer appears in your package list.


Pre-created Packages

If you've configured your package to be created prior to its start date, you will receive a notification that the new package instance is pending so you can add any additional charges and invoice the package. You will receive another notification when the package moves from pending to active and time can be logged against it.

Closing Packages

At any time, you may close a package. Closing a package prior to its renewal will halt future renewals.

Re-opening Packages

If you had previously closed the instance manually, re-opening it will not restart it's schedule unless/until you configure it. Adminja will prompt you for this when you re-open a package. 

Archiving Packages

When a package is closed and you've invoiced everything on it, you can archive it so it no longer appears in your package list and as an option in your time entries. To archive a package, open its gears menu and choose "Archive".