Note: Client Access is only available for plans that include at least 15 Workspaces or more. Browse Subscription Plans.

To invite a new client user to a workspace, open up the workspace (from your Workspace Manager or the Client Card) and select the “Client Access” tab.

Enter your client’s email address and click “Invite”.

  • They will appear in your user list as “Pending”.
  • If the individual is already an Adminja user, they will receive an invitation notification in Adminja where they can accept or decline your invitation.
  • If they are not already an Adminja user, they will receive an email invitation with a link to setup their Free client account. 
  • Once they accept your invitation, their status will change from “Pending” to “Active”.
  • You can disable or remove their access at any time by clicking the “Disable” or “Remove” buttons respectively. Users will be notified when they are disabled or removed.

Note: You can invite up to 3 Client Users to each workspace.