Adminja takes a different approach to managing your client's recurring billing. And with that approach comes the concept of Billing Periods.

When you setup a Client, you have the option of configuring a recurring billing plan for them. Each Client billing plan is set to recur on a schedule.

Every time a billing plan recurs, a new Billing Period is automatically created.

During the billing cycle, everything that happens will be applied to that cycle's Billing Period.

You can easily pull up the details for any previous billing period as a reference, to provide backup documentation or to provide historical reports for your client.

The Billing Board

When you visit a Client's Billing board, you'll see a list of all of the previous Billing Periods for this client, as well as the current one at the top.

Each Billing Period card displays it's date range, plan status, and invoice status.

Billing plans that are hourly will include an amount earned as well.



Billing Period Details

Selecting any Billing Period card will reveal the full detail for that Billing Period in a new panel:


From the Detail view, you can review everything about the current period:

  • The date range
  • The plan's allocated # of hours (or the default billing rate for the client, if hourly)
  • How much time has been logged
  • How much time is remaining for this period (if on a retainer plan)
  • How much has been invoiced
  • How much as been paid
  • The open balance
  • A list of invoices sent during this period.
  • Your own notes
  • All of the line item charges for this period
  • All of the time logged during this period

Note: Billing Periods created off of Retainer plans (where the client is paying for a block of hours) do not calculate charges based on rates and # of hours logged. Time logs for these periods are for reporting purposes only.

Modifying Billing Periods

Although each new Billing Period is created off of the client's plan, you can override any billing period to make changes to these details.

  1. Clicking on the amount allocated will allow you to override the allocated amount for this period. This is especially useful if you are letting your client roll-over some time, or if you would like to comp your client some additional time. We recommend adding notes when you make changes like this.
  2. Clicking on any Time entry in a Billing Period will allow you to edit that Time log.
  3. Click "+ Add a Charge" to add additional line item charges to a Billing Period.
    Note: You can add negative line item charges in order to provide your client's credit or to negate previous charges that have already been invoiced.
  4. Clicking on the Lock icon, and agreeing to the prompts, will unlock the Billing Period so you can modify its start and end dates. PLEASE USE THIS FEATURE WITH CAUTION. If you make changes here, you MUST make sure that your current Billing Period ends the day before the Client's next billing cycle. Failure to do so might hinder auto-recurrence and will require some technical support to address. Also, when manually overriding a Billing Period, make sure that your Billing Periods are not left with overlapping date ranges.