That’s why we use color to help identify Workspaces, Team Members, Lists and Statuses throughout Adminja.

Workspaces - Every workspace can be assigned it’s own avatar (choose from a list of samples or upload your own) as well as a COLOR.

Assigning a color to a workspace will help you visually identify items from that workspace in an instant, provides context to your active timer, and makes it easy to assess everything on your plate when reviewing All Tasks or Today's Tasks.

Team Members - Every Team Member can be assigned a color. This makes it easier to find the right member when you are assigning tasks, filtering reports, or reviewing your Task Calendar.

Workspace Lists - The lists you create on Task and Detail boards can each be assigned their own color. This makes it easier to find the right list at a glance.

Task and Client Statuses - Green, Orange, and Red are used throughout Adminja to denote status for:

  • Task Due Dates
  • Task Budgets
  • Client Plans
  • Invoice Due Dates

You'll see these colors representing client plan status on the dashboard snapshots, for due dates and budgets on task cards, and on invoice status icons.