Should you need to remove access to your Workspaces, you have a few options to choose from.

  1. If you just need to remove them from accessing a particular Workspace, simply view their details and change their access for the target Workspace to "none."

    They will still be a part of your team. They will just have one less Workspace.
  2. If you need to temporarily restrict all access, but may need to grant it back again later, you can Disable a team member. Simply view their details and change their status from "Active" to "Disabled". 

    They will be removed from all of your Workspaces and will not have access to any information regarding your Team.

  3. If you need to permanently remove a member, view their details and click "Remove Member" to completely remove them from your Team.

    If you remove someone from your Team, any tasks that they were assigned to will be set to unassigned. For a smoother transition, we recommend reassigning their Tasks BEFORE removing the member from the team.