Your dashboard monitors the pulse of your business and gives you instant overviews for your current workload, your progress this week, and a high-level summary for every Workspace.

Status Widgets provide updates on your weekly progress and where you stand with your task load:

  1. The number of tasks that have been marked as complete this week.
  2. The total number of hours you've logged this week.
  3. The total number of tasks that are due today.
  4. The number of tasks you have flagged for today
  5. The total number of tasks that are waiting/upcoming.


Workspace Snapshots track current key metrics for each Workspace, helping you manage retainers and workload.


Recent Activity & Today Panel
The Recent Activity & Today panels on the Dashboard are optional. You can choose to disable either or both in your settings.

The Recent Activity panel contains all of your recent notifications. 

The Today panel on the dashboard shows you all of the tasks assigned to you that are due today, past due, or have been flagged to be done today.

Trend Charts
At the bottom of the dashboard, two charts showing your revenue over time, and your time logged & tasks completed velocity help you track progress and monitor trends in your workfload and productivity.