In addition to scheduling their weekly reports, you can also send your clients a status report for any date range.

Client Status Reports can be sent by opening your client card and selecting the Status Reports tab.



To start configuring your custom report, look to the bottom and click the Configure & Send a Custom Report button.



Which will display the form to configure and send a custom client status report.

Set Your Date Range

Choose the start and end dates you'd like to use for this report. The report will include all time and completed tasks that fall in that date range.

Client Reports Have Multiple Sections

  1. The current billing period's status
  2. The time logs for the date range selected
  3. Tasks completed in the date range selected and current open tasks

You can choose to enable or disable these sections by checking/unchecking their respective checkboxes. 

Report Recipients

Adminja automatically autofills your client's email address.

But, you can change the recipients list at any time and you can include multiple recipients. Simply add a new line for every recipient.

Sending Your Report

Once your report is configured to your liking, click Send Report and your report will be added to our processing queue. It usually only takes a minute or two for your report to be sent. 

Report Notifications

You will receive a notification when your report is successfully sent.