Before you can connect Zapier and Adminja, you'll need a Zapier account. You can sign up here.


Connecting Adminja to Zapier

Once you have a Zapier account, you can connect your Adminja account and start creating automation "Zaps".


Step 1:

In Zapier, click "My Apps" found in the left menu.


Step 2:

Under the "Connect New Account" drop down, search for "Adminja" and select it from the results.

Step 3:

Enter your Adminja email address and password and click "Yes, Continue' to authorize Zapier to connect to your Adminja account.


Your connection to Adminja will appear in your "My Apps" list and be available as an option when configuring your Zaps.

Now you can add automation Zaps that either respond to Triggers in Adminja to perform Actions in other applications, or respond to Triggers in other applications to perform Actions in Adminja.

Before you start creating Zaps, we highly recommend you learn more about how Zapier Zaps Work.