If your client is looking for more transparency and collaboration with your tasks, Client Access is the best way to give them what they need. 

Don't worry, you can control what areas of their workspace they can see, and even restrict them from seeing certain Task lists and Detail lists. You are in control of what information your client can access.

But before inviting your clients in to Adminja, it's important to understand how Adminja handles client access differently than most other project management tools:


Adminja is a multi-client, multi-team, multi-VA system.

This means that a user can be a solo Virtual Assistant, a team member on another Virtual Assistant’s team, AND a Client who has multiple VA's working for them, all at the same time under one login.

In this context, Virtual Assistants, Team Managers, and Clients all share the same Adminja interface, with only slight differences depending on their role in regards to each Workspace and the access they've been granted.

When you setup Client Access for a workspace, you are inviting client users to participate in a limited capacity on that workspace. Whether the individual was already an Adminja user or not, they will only have “Client Level” access to the Workspace you invite them to.

You can control what areas of their Workspace client user's have access to.

You can control which Detail and Task lists they can see and interact with.


Inviting Client Users to a Workspace

Note: Client Access is only available for plans that include at least 15 Workspaces or more. Browse Subscription Plans.

To invite a new client user to a workspace, open up the workspace (from your Workspace Manager or the Client Card) and select the “Client Access” tab.

Enter your client’s email address and click “Invite”.

  • They will appear in your user list as “Pending”.
  • If the individual is already an Adminja user, they will receive an invitation notification in Adminja where they can accept or decline your invitation.
  • If they are not already an Adminja user, they will receive an email invitation with a link to setup their Free client account. 
  • Once they accept your invitation, their status will change from “Pending” to “Active”.
  • You can disable or remove their access at any time by clicking the “Disable” or “Remove” buttons respectively. Users will be notified when they are disabled or removed.

Note: You can invite up to 3 Client Users to each workspace.

Restricting Client Users

Below the invitation form you can choose which Workspace sections your client users have access to.

For Task and Detail boards, you may also choose which Lists they can see. 

  • When logged in, client users can create new Task requests and Details cards.
  • Client users can mark tasks complete and can adjust budgets and due dates on tasks. 
  • They cannot delete details or tasks that they did not create, they cannot modify their billing plan.
  • If you’ve given your client access to their billing board, they can view Billing Periods and Invoices but cannot make any changes or adjustments.

Note: In addition to board and list visibility, you can selectively hide individual Task cards and Detail cards by toggling their “Admin Only” visibility setting.

What will my clients see?

Your clients will see a trimmed down Adminja interface with their current plan status on their dashboard along with a button to submit new requests to you.

Unless they were already a Virtual Assistant user, they will not have access to the timer, personal reminders, global reports and the global views (other than the dashboard.)

If they visit their workspace, they will ONLY see the Workspace sections you’ve enabled in the Client Access tab above.

Note: We STRONGLY recommend having a short call with your client when inviting them so you can walk them through signing up and give them a personal tour of how their workspace works and what how you intend for them to interact with the Task and Detail lists you've exposed to them. Dropping them into their Workspace without some guidance could lead to confusion and frustration.


How do my clients interact with Tasks?

  • If a client creates a task request, they will automatically be notified on that task’s activity (e.g.  When it’s completed, if it goes over budget, when a comment is left.)
  • If a client didn’t create a task, they can click the “Follow” button to be notified of future task activity.
  • If a client comments on a task they are not already following, they will automatically be added as a follower and receive notifications for task activity going forward.


Did you setup your client’s automatic Weekly Status Reports?

Weekly status reports are the best way to keep your client informed on your work progress and their current plan status and goes a long way towards answering the questions most clients have. 

Learn more about Weekly Status Reports