Adminja understands that Virtual Assistants work with a variety of billing types and scenarios, so we made it our mission to create a billing system that would offer flexibility and meet the unique needs of a VA. 

Client Packages

To offer as much flexibility as possible, Adminja helps you track your progress with Client Packages. 

Client Packages define the various services that you offer your clients, keep track of the time logged and any applicable charges and, in many cases, automatically renew either on a set schedule or when their balance is depleted.  

Each client can have any number of active packages running simultaneously and the Dashboard will always keep you appraised of their status.

To aid reporting and to support multiple hourly rates, you may choose to define a series of Time Categories for each package.

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Adminja makes it easy to invoice your clients no matter how many or types of packages they have set up. Using the invoice editor, you can review any un-billed items by package, and choose what you want to add to your invoice. 

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Automatic Invoicing

Set up invoices to be created and sent automatically, based on the schedule you set on a per-client basis.

Automatic invoices can be set to either notify you that they are ready for you to review, or you can schedule them to be sent to your client immediately.

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Billing Manager

The Billing Manager allows you to review of all open and closed invoices as well as historical billing information for previous years. 

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Accepting Payments

Adminja gives you the ability to accept and process client payments via Paypal or Stripe. You will have the option to set up one or both payment processing options for your Adminja account and then can set up your specific payment preference on a per client basis. Once the clients invoice has been created, it will include a link that either you or your client can use to process payment.

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